To conclude, mouth breath seems to be one of the main characteristics that people should take care. Indeed, it could be efficient in many situations such as :





And, sometimes, marketers and dentists are partners to prevent customers from a bad mouth breath.

Their aim is to teach us how to take care of our mouth so as to have the most beautiful smile…



I have made a market survey on Mouth Hygiene, particularly concerning toothpaste and the consumers’ purchasing decision.

Through this survey, I want to underline what make people buy the product : place, product by itself, price,… and their willingness to try a new product.

Marketers, nowadays, don’t only play on men’s methods of seduction. Moreover, in order to point at the elements that women have to improve, advertisers use “partnerships” with other products or brands so as to present bad mouth breath’s reasons : tobacco and alcohol are enumerated

Tobacco is bad for health and also for your teeth…


“I am Canadian”, a brand of beer : women’s teeth are not so white…

so… try to brush your teeth so as not to get them in bricks… such as your wall!!!


Toothbrush is one of the main element to have a good mouth breath. Marketers have constantly made evolutions on this product: from a classic to an electric instrument, technology is inclused there.

At the beginning, we have a classic toothbrush:


Then, an original one with which we can hear music…

7669517fee57_main400.jpg 00fa000000358367.jpg ibross.png

And today, advertisers want to adapt their product to the environment:

a more technological and innovative instrument!


Besides, even if electric toothbrushes have always existed, this tool and also its ad have been innovative

In the 1970’s

Nowadays’ ad

Advertisers’ goal is to show all the best of people through their commercials, but then, there’s also a great solution to make them understand that some common practices can have (negative) consequences on their mouth…


 Bad effects on teeth by Drinking tea and Smocking cigarettes


Nowadays, parents have to take care of themselves but of their children too… what about their carries?!

Advertisers have found solutions for fresh haleine and the targeted market is men, who aren’t self-confident about seduction. Advertisers’s advices :

First, for a (very) fresch haleine : a chewing gum…

or a “Frisk” candy

… But be care of the consequences!!!

Advertisers used to promote teeth breat with song and that was a play time but today they do it from wellknown people

Emily Procter (actress in The Experts)

Jay Chou (a Chinese singer)

And from birth to death… you will have white teeth…

Marketing concerning mouth hygiene is very large. Indeeed, people are worried about what is happening in their mouth, consequently, marketers have developped this promotion with technology through fresh haleine, mouth health and sanity.

 Even animals have to face human’s haleine

First, be sure to have the tools you need and have fun with it!

Since, the 50’s advertisers played with your teeth breath!